We have three different massage business operating out of our suite., please go to our “About Us” page to connect.

The Spiritual Love Day Treat

This is the perfect opportunity to be pampered with coaching, healing, support and guidance designed to help you walk out ready to take on the world!
Each Spiritual Love Day Treat is unique and customized to your needs. If you need to sort through relationship challenges, want to focus on self love, need to let go of the past, need help moving on after a loss…Jovhanna, The Spiritual Love Healer, has got you! Give yourself permission to receive support, guidance, and healing.
Included in this experience is a relaxing, 60-minute massage provided by Cindy Hodges, NC LMBT# 15342, owner of  Life Artistry Massage.

Spiritual Love Day Treats are offered on Saturdays, and availability is limited, so schedule ahead!

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Breast Health Services

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.  That’s why we are doing what we can to empower women to take control of the health of their breasts.

Gaye Walden of Holistic Breast Health, a Charlotte-based business, has recently branched out to the the Triangle area, and is at the North Raleigh Well Nest the last Monday of every month to offer Breast Thermography to women who are interested in a comprehensive picture of the health of their breasts.  Thermograms are an excellent risk assessment tool that can provide information on potential issues before it shows  up on a mammogram, sometimes even up to 8-10 years prior before appearing on traditional imaging!  Please contact Gaye through her website for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Gaye is working with Linda Zukowski, NC LMBT #5951 to provide a comprehensive education to women looking to maintain or improve the health of their breasts.  As a licensed massage & bodywork therapist, Linda has worked extensively with Gaye’s colleague in Charlotte, and teaches women  how to perform a comprehensive self-exam and massage protocol, empowering them on their quest for breast health.  Learn more about this service available through Metamorphic Massage for Women. 

Gaye and Linda are available for Breast Health educational presentations to women’s groups, in medical settings, and more.  If you’d like to schedule a free informational session, please contact us at This presentation is also occasionally offered at the North Raleigh Well Nest,  Check out our Programs and Events page for upcoming dates.