Winter 2019 Artists

The Latest Artists at the North Raleigh Well Nest

Liz Murphy started creating art in 2012, after she was injured at her job as a supervisor in a psychiatric unit.  While healing from surgeries related to her Artist Liz Murphy, Broadway Expressionsinjuries, she fought boredom by picking up a paintbrush for the first time. After posting a photo of her first piece on social media, folks immediately started asking if they could purchase her work, and Broadway Expressions was born. She is a self-taught artist in many mediums, including from acrylics & spray paint, resin crafting & jewelry making, to wood burning and more… she enjoys all things related to arts and crafts.  It is her therapy and is where she found her voice for self-expression.   Liz is a single mom to two young girls who are her inspiration.  You can learn more about her work here. 

Abra Millsaps is a graphic designer, illustrator, and watercolor artist, receiving her formal training at The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham.  Constantly Watercolors by Abra Millsaplearning new things and finds joy in creating things with unexpected pathways. She spends time really getting to know her materials, learns from watching others, and plans obsessively before diving into her own projects. Abra is fascinated by communities and the stories created within them, and uses the inspiration found in her volunteer work to fuel her work. Abra hopes her work brings joy to every home it lands in.  View more of her designs.

Allison Coleman has been studying art her entire life, and received her MFA from UNC-Chapel Hill.  As an artist-in-residence at ArtSpace viewing the  Paintings by Allison Colemanstreets of Downtown Raleigh, Allison’s work is inspired by the a mix of the whimsy of the 1950s memorabilia, Southern gothic literature, and life.  More of her work can be viewed on her facebook page.