New Artists – January through March 2020

Oh my goodness, are the artists that just hung theeir work getting a lot of compliments!

Stacy Lewis has always been fascinated by animals.  She has been fortunate  spend time meeting and studying a wide variety of animals, both domestic and  Paintings by artist Stact Lewiswild.  Because there are differences in the anatomy, body language and behavior of each species, her paintings explore these differences in detail. In order to render the physical attributes of her subjects, such as their scales, feathers, and fur,  Stacy includes different materials such as textured papers, foils, fibers, and organic elements like seashells in her paintings.  More of her work can be viewed here. 


Mignon Renee Tucker, (MRT.) has been creating art since the beginning. She  Painting by Mignon R. Tuckergraduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Painting.   she’s created art from the very beginning. There aren’t many genre’s she has not worked in. Well-versed in painting, drawing, sculpting, building and design and computer graphics, her work has expanded over time. Currently, she is concentrating on her art with the goal of becoming a well-known local artist. View more of her work here.

We continue to support  a journey to adoption  with Danielle Moore, an amateur photographer on a mission…another child in her family.   Her photos Danielle Moore, Photographyreflect the love and beauty she seeks every day. She is using her photos to raise money for the adoption process.  You can learn more about her and view her work at Adopt Moor Love Photography.