New Artists July-September 2019

Shira Samaniego, acrylic artistShira  Samaniego has been an artist her whole life, but began printmaking in 2003, and acrylic painting in 2004. She does a variety of works on canvas, sometimes combining linoleum relief prints with painting, other times creating abstract work with a variety of methods. She is inspired by music and nature. If interested in seeing more, visit



Danielle Moore is an amateur photographer on a mission…to adopt a Danielle Moore, Photographychild.  Her photos reflect the love and beauty she seeks every day. She is using her photos to raise money to adopt a child.  You can learn more about her and view her work at Adopt Moor Love Photography.



Quilt by Sesheta HanibleColor drives the creative process for Sesheta Hanible.  She started quilting as a creative outlet while living in San Francisco. After retiring as a teacher and moving to Raleigh,  she develop an interest in creating smaller quilt pieces.  She often builds her pieces around a certain piece of fabric, bringing it to life with contrasting and complimentary colors.