What is Spiritual Love?

Introducing Spiritual Love

Spiritual Love is recognizing that Love is energy. It is a spiritual, energetic recognition, acceptance, and honoring in the divine being in yourself and others, that rejects the ideas of love as being hurtful, destructive, or negative.

If you think of love as being is limited to romantic relationships, you aren’t alone. I realized that a lot of us forget that love extends to self, family, friends, and even the world around us. Choosing Spiritual Love to represent my field of work was intentional.

Love has gotten watered down and even has negative, fearful energies around it. Women are hurt in the name of love, and like Tina Turner said “What’s love got to do with it”? Love does not hurt. I was in an abusive relationship with a man who said he loved me. When I left that relationship, I didn’t know it then, but that was the start to my evolution into becoming The Spiritual Love Coach. I decided that I wanted a different type of love, that was the birthing of Spiritual Love.

Spiritual Love Coach

When I say I’m The Spiritual Love Coach, most people think that I’m a ‘Love Coach’, only focus on dating and relationships. I’m all about healthy relationships, but that starts with a healthy you. I want everyone to find their Person, but most importantly I desire for you to be in a place to give and receive love, no matter your relationship status or what is happening in your life.

If you aren’t right mentally, emotionally, or spiritually (even financially) it will be hard for you to give and receive love. Truth is a lot of people are hurting and have a negative view of love. That along with the hurt and challenges we experience during this journey called life, has a big impact on our view of love and can keep you from seeing your worth and living fully. Many women that I work with are tethered to some past hurt, grief, or heartache.

My work incorporates a holistic approach, combining energy healing, coaching, spiritual guidance and intuitive readings to help women rediscover, reclaim, and rebirth yourself after heartache, pain, loss, or other life challenges.

Heartache is caused by so much more than bad relationships. Sometimes is an issue around family, lack of self-love, a negative outlook, a life change or even a friendship. What is heartache? It’s another word for grief and if it’s not released, it can keep you from being your best self and living your best life.

My work as The Spiritual Love Coach is deep! I don’t like being limited to dating and relationships, because love is limitless and extends to all things. I help my clients with so much more, including happiness, confidence, life purpose, and other aspects of life. I help you get back to that loving place within yourself, so you can live the life that you desire and experience limitless love. I do that through a variety of techniques including life coaching, energy healing, mindfulness, aromatherapy, and tarot card readings.

I’m Jovanhanna Tisdale, a Spiritual Mama with a heart of gold on a mission as The Spiritual Love Coach to Illuminate, nurture, and inspire spiritual love in the hearts and minds of people worldwide. I work with women privately for coaching and also offer individual readings and healing sessions. Be on the lookout for my monthly events hosted at The North Raleigh Well Nest.